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Consortium Dialogues

New Consortium Dialogues:

  • New aids2031
    We want to know what you think! How should the world prepare to manage the AIDS pandemic in the next 25 years? What type of leadership will be needed? Please complete this survey and share your ideas!

Archived Consortium Dialogues:

  • A Conversation with Everett Rogers (February 2004)
    By Arvind Singhal and Rafael Obregón

    Everett Rogers, a ground-breaking communication scholar, researcher, teacher and practitioner, passed away late in 2004. This interview is the Consortium's tribute to him, in recognition of his tremendous contributions to the communication field. Ev was a member of our communication for social change competencies advisory panel and as such helped shape the Consortium's CFSC master's degree curriculum outline. Arvind Singhal and Rafael Obregón were able to talk with him shortly before his death.

    Arvind Singhal is professor of communication studies and Presidential Research Scholar at Ohio University. Rafael Obregón, communications adviser at the Pan- American Health Organization, has been a professor of communications at Universidad del Norte, Colombia and is a consultant to the CFSC Consortium.
  • Community Media for Sustainable Development Roundtable issues declaration
  • Conversation with George Atkins: Don't be so darn sure that we are right!
    George Atkins, founding director of the Developing Countries Farm Radio Network and a lifelong member of its board of directors, is a CFSC pioneer.

    Atkins has been active in rural life since his early work as manager at his family farm, and as a member of rural youth and agricultural organizations. He conceived the idea for an international network of radio broadcasters in 1975, when he was on assignment in Africa, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where he conducted a workshop to upgrade the skills of farm broadcasters living in Commonwealth countries. In Africa, he learned from the broadcasters that they needed and welcomed information for their radio programs about composting, raising oxen and other topics appropriate to their audiences. In 1979, he founded the network.

    In recognition of his outstanding service in Canada and internationally, Atkins was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada and received an honorary doctorate of law from the University of Guelph. And in 2004, the Canadian Bureau of International Education presented him the Lewis Perinbaum Award for International Development.

    At 87, he remains active in Hepworth, Ontario, where he lives with his wife, Janet. He opened his memory and heart to Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron, managing director programmes.
  • Interview With Luis Ramiro Beltrán: 'I've Lived My Life As a Communication Artist, Not a Scientist' (November 2004)
    Luis Ramiro Beltrán is undoubtedly one of Latin America's key development communication specialists. His practice and his writings cover more than 40 years of contributions to the field of communication for social change. Bolivian by birth, he was among the first to question the paradigms that emerged in the United States during the1960s and early 1970s. He proposed instead concepts of participatory and horizontal communication inspired in Paulo Freire's writings on education. It is an honour for MAZI to interview Luis Ramiro Beltrán in its first issue. The CFSC Consortium's Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron conducted the interview.
  • Luis Ramiro Beltrán: "Me he ganado la vida como un artista de la comunicación, no como un científico"
    Luis Ramiro Beltrán es sin duda uno de los especialistas de la comunicación para el desarrollo más importantes de América Latina. Su experiencia y sus escritos cubren más de 40 años de contribuciones al campo de la comunicación para el cambio social. Estuvo entre los primeros que cuestionaron los paradigmas que surgieron en Estados Unidos en los años sesenta y principios de los setenta, y opuso a ellos conceptos de comunicación horizontal y participativa inspirados en los escritos de Paulo Freire sobre educación. Es un honor para MAZI contar con Luis Ramiro Beltrán en su primera edición, entrevistado recientemente por Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron, nuestro Director Ejecutivo. En esta entrevista, Beltrán revisa por primera vez en detalle su vida como especialista de comunicación para el desarrollo.
  • November 8-11, 2004: Communication and the Millennium Development Goals
    From November 8-11, 2004, the CfSC Consortium, with support from the UK Department for International Development, hosted a meeting on Communication and Poverty Reduction Strategies by the Year 2015. Discussions at this meeting focused on how communication can be used most effectively to accelerate global progress toward the Millennium Development Goals. The forum was attended by 22 representatives of DfID and other bilateral development cooperation agencies, communicators from UN agencies, the Consortium leadership team, a board member and consultant.