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Consortium Perspectives

Archived Consortium Perspectives:

  • 9th UN Roundtable on Communication for Development
    The CFSC Consortium managing director of strategy, James Deane, made one of two keynote addresses at the UN Roundtable Meeting, held in Rome, Italy on September 6-9, 2004. Deane addressed the context in which communication for development is occuring and how it can be sustained. This meeting was being sponsored by the FAO communication group. More than 100 participants attended this forum of leading practitioners, scholars and students of communication.
  • International conference on Stigma and discrimination of HIV Positive person
    Educare Africa is a non - governmental organization started and registered in Kenya in the year 2000. Their major objective is to supplement the government's efforts in education, training, HIV/AIDS, Harm and Poverty reduction. Currently, they are organizing an International conference on Stigma and discrimination against HIV Positive person's reduction strategies between 23rd and 27th August 2005 in Nairobi,Kenya.
  • No Longer Separate But Equal: Opportunities and Challenges of HIV/AIDS Communication with ARV Scale-Up
    The CFSC Consortium is participating in the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Religious Groups Can Play An Essential Role in Building Healthier Communities
    Realizing the influence organized religion can have on public and private values, especially among poor communities with limited information resources, UNICEF's New York office has approached the CFSC Consortium to help them plan a May 2004 forum in Geneva. This forum will bring together communication experts, public health leaders and community-based religious organizations to talk about effective ways that religious groups can help ensure healthier communities through immunization outreach.
  • Veterans of Hope Project website
    It is with tremendous pride and pleasure that the Veterans of Hope Project announces our new website. As many of you know, the Veterans of Hope Project gathers and shares the testimonies of older women and men who have dedicated their lives to compassionate social change. Artists, teachers, educators, healers, religious leaders and community organizers are among the many kinds of individuals - from a range of ethnic, religious and national communities - whom we have interviewed for the project.

    Click here for The Veterans of Hope Project site
  • Women Leader's speech presented by Denise Gray Felder
    On May 20, 2004 Consortium President Denise Gray-Felder was the keynote speaker at the Empowerment Breakfast Series sponsored by C. Thomas and Associates of Boston, Masschusetts. She spoke to the gathered community and business leaders about the responsibilities of women leaders given global realities.

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