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The Urban League of Essex County is an organization committed to urban revitalization and lasting social change within cities. Its headquarters is located at 508 Central Avenue in Fairmount neighborhood, a 40-50 block area of houses, businesses, places of worship and schools within the West Ward of Newark, New Jersey, USA. Fairmount is bounded by South Orange Avenue on the south, Central Avenue on the north and Bergen Street on the east (at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey campus). The historic Fairmount Cemetery stands as the largest landmark near its western border.

In 2009, the Urban League of Essex County obtained grants from the Wachovia Foundation and the State of New Jersey to help produce a revitalization plan for the Fairmount neighborhood. The Communication for Social Change Consortium is working with the Urban League in strategic communication planning as well as conducting and coordinating communication activities. for instance, community dialogues.

We hope you will join your neighbors, local business owners, churches, schools, mosques and friends as we try to engage every person who lives and works in Fairmount in helping create a new neighborhood plan for our community. Our potential is great and our future even greater.

Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

Visit this page to read and comment on the draft plan that residents and businesses in Newark’s Fairmount Neighborhood helped put together, with the support of the Urban League of Essex County. We need you to review this plan and give your input and ideas - - no later than 10 March 2011.  Please post your comments about this plan by emailing


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Planning Committee

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10 MAR 2011 Deadline to send comments by email to the Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

18 MAR 20111Presentation of The Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

23 OCT 2010 Neighbor-to-Neighbor Dialogues

Fairmount Survey Addendum

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