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Origins of the Fairmount Plan

The Fairmount Neighborhood is bordered by South Orange Avenue, 12th Street, Central Avenue, and Bergen Street border the Fairmount Neighborhood. It is approximately an 80-square block area that is inhabited by just over 9,000 residents. In 2008, the City of Newark engaged the Urban League of Essex County to assist in preparing a strategy for addressing the many abandoned and vacant properties concentrated in a 12-block area of this neighborhood.

This Plan builds on that effort and expands the focus of the effort beyond the physical characteristics of the area to include social, economic, and other community goals.

Two grants funded the Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan.  The first was a grant from the Wachovia/Wells Fargo Regional Foundation.  The second was a grant from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  The Urban League of Essex County administered the grants.

From April 2010 to the present, the residents, businesses, and other stakeholders in the Fairmount Neighborhood have been very involved in identifying issues, establishing priorities, and suggesting strategies for inclusion in the Plan. A Planning Committee was set up and over the past 10 months, they conducted three Neighborhood Meetings, a survey of more than 450 Fairmount residents, and stakeholder interviews. As a result, the Plan contains more than 85 ideas for improving life in the Fairmount Neighborhood that were built around five key goals.


“We want our neighborhood to be the best it can be, where neighbors help each other in order to provide good and safe schools, jobs, businesses, housing, transportation and recreation to every person who lives here.”

Key Neighborhood Goals

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GOAL 1: Reduce crime and enhance public safety.
GOAL 2: Strengthen the community, neighborhood, and families.
GOAL 3: Expand economic development and employment opportunities.
GOAL 4: Enhance education and job training.
GOAL 5: Diversify land use and improve the quality of life.

Upcoming Events

10 MAR 2011 Deadline to send comments by email to the Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

18 MAR 20111Presentation of The Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

23 OCT 2010 Neighbor-to-Neighbor Dialogues

Fairmount Survey Addendum

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