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Goal 4: Enhance education and job training

The Fairmount Strategic Plan is not intended to make recommendations about new programs and curriculum in the local school district. It does, however, provide a number of suggestions for networking parents, residents, teachers, students and others in ways that can build dialogue and generate new ideas for improving education in the Fairmount Neighborhood. Ideas include:

Create a Fairmount Parent Teacher Collaborative.Only when residents, organizations and schools work together can there be changes in the educational and other programs offered by the School District.  This initiative would build the resident and parent interest necessary to affect neighborhoodbased change in local schools.

Make the School Buildings Places that provide Many Community Uses.  There are many opportunities to use the school buildings for other uses.  These include health clinics, community centers, recreation areas, and locations for after school learning and day care.

Provide a Basic Computer Skills Program for Adults. Knowledge of computers is an essential skill in today'’s classroom and work environment. A new program hosted by one of the local schools would provide this training to adults in the neighborhood.

Create a Community Calendar.Thereisalotofactivity occurring in the schools, at community development organizations and elsewhere in the neighborhood. Many times people do not know about these events.  A community calendar that would be circulated in a newsletter and/or posted on a Neighborhood Website would allow people to get involved in more activities.

Help Train and Place more Teachers Aides in the Classroom.  Residents would like to see more teacher aides and the Plan can help focus grant and other funding toward this objective.  Ideally, these new teacher aides should come from the Neighborhood.

Link Entrepreneurial Programs to the MicroBusiness Incubator.All programs at the schools and elsewhere in the Neighborhood that promote training and business education should be tied to the MicroBusiness Incubator and Business InnovationCenter.

Create Homework Help Lines.  Kids need a place to go for help with homework.  Homework Hot Lines and/or Help Lines could be established to provide this assistance.

Develop "“Computers in the Home"” Program.  Bringing computers into the home and finding ways to link people to the Internet will greatly expand opportunities for students and aduls.

Provide safe corridors for schools and students. The Plan identifies streets and sidewalks that access areas, schools, and other places where lighting street improvements are necessary to promote "safe streets to schools."


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