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Goal 5: Improve land use and quality of life

The Fairmount Neighborhood Plan contains many recommendations among the various sections of the document that encourage changes in land uses and suggestions to enhance the Quality of Life for local residents. All the goals, for example, address improvements in Quality of Life issues by targeting new stores, rehabilitating homes, enhancing public safety, and expanding job training and educational opportunities.  Other specific suggestions include:

1. Zoning Changes.  Changing local zoning to focus more retail and commercial development in the eastern end of the Neighborhood will strengthen the local business district.

2. Eliminate Disruptive Land Uses.  There may be land uses that are disruptive or that cause ongoing code enforcement problems. These uses should be relocated through willing seller willing buyer initiatives to other areas of the Neighborhood or City.

3. Greening the Neighborhood.  There are many suggestions in the plan for more community gardens, tree and flower plantings, community murals and other projects that can add greenery to the Fairmount Neighborhood.

4. Coordinate Improvements with other Plans and Programs.  The West Ward Abandoned and Vacant Properties Plan, the Northern Fairmount (BAND) Plan; City Master Plans and other plans need to be coordinated to provide a focused effort to support the redevelopment of the Fairmount Neighborhood.

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10 MAR 2011 Deadline to send comments by email to the Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

18 MAR 20111Presentation of The Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

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