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Goal 2: Strengthen the community, neighborhood, and families

A neighborhood is more than a collection of buildings and properties.  It is also a network of people and families that need access to services, education, jobs, housing and recreation. Project ideas to implement this goal include:

  1. Create a Ride Sharing Program.  Expanding mass transit systems are expensive.  A faster way to offer more transportation opportunities is to create a ride sharing pool among Fairmount residents.

  2. Publish a Transit Guide. This would give residents a comprehensive listing of transit services currently available.

  3. Conduct Frequent Neighborhood Clean Ups. By providing regular clean up days, residents could compete for prizes for the best and cleanest block in the Fairmount Neighborhood.

  4. Create a Comprehensive Guide to Family and Social Services.  Many times people do not have access to services simply because they do not know they exist. This guide could be posted on a Fairmount Website and be distributed to residents and organizations in the Neighborhood through newsletters, flyers, church organizations and other outreach.

  5. Accelerate the development of New Housing.  New housing that can be built on vacant or abandoned properties should be affordable to residents in the neighborhood and should offer a range of rental and homeowner options.

  6. Work with Local Employers on a “Live where you Work” Program.  Large employers in the area could partner with State and Federal Housing Programs to help their employees buy and fix up homes in the Fairmount Neighborhood.

  7. Encourage more Social Interaction.  Through health fairs, neighborhood festivals, newsletters, web sites, and social networking, residents should be provided with more opportunities to get to know each other. It was suggested that a facility such as “The Clubhouse at Spruce Gardens” in Newark that provides a gym, a recording studio, a community center and other activities be developed in Fairmount.

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