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Goal 1: Reduce Crime and Enhance Public Safety

There are a number of projects that taken together, can significantly enhance safety in the Fairmount Neighborhood. These projects require the involvement of residents and the close cooperation of community partners to be successful. They include:

  1. Enhance Street Lighting. This project envisions working with PSEG to fix broken lights, upgrade lighting, and ensure that schools, shopping areas, and key pedestrian corridors are safe and well lit.

  2. Start a Neighborhood Watch Program. In partnership with the Newark Police Department, residents, businesses and other organizations would band together to start a Crime Watch Program to report suspicious behavior and illegal activity in the neighborhood.

  3. Improve Traffic and Pedestrian Safety.  New crosswalks, stop signs, rumble strips and other improvements - particularly in the vicinity of 11th and 12th Streets and South 7th and 8th Avenues- should be installed to reduce traffic speeds and protect pedestrians.

  4. Install More Security Cameras.  Additional security cameras should be installed at important public locations such as schools, institutions, shopping corridors, and transit stops.

  5. Improve Code Enforcement.  A code enforcement official, assigned solely to the Fairmount Neighborhood, should be hired to ensure that properties, rental facilities, and building permits are being monitored and properly enforced.


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10 MAR 2011 Deadline to send comments by email to the Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

18 MAR 20111Presentation of The Fairmount Neighborhood Strategic Plan

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