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                                              How We Work

The Communication for Social Change Consortium (the Consortium) is a nonprofit organization working in four fundamental ways:

1. Building Knowledge. Developing curricula and training approaches in order to spread CFSC conceptual framework, methods and principles more widely throughout development initiatives, while building local capacity of poor and marginalized communities to use communication in sustainable ways.

2. Innovation Watch. Researching, analyzing, gathering best practices, monitoring and evaluation the potential, effectiveness and conditions for change in partner communities when CFSC methods and principles are introduced.

3. Communication Incubator. Nurturing innovation, research and scholarship in communication, based on CFSC principles. Focus on uncovering new ideas, new scholars, innovative practice and process measurements that derive from the communities.

4. Applied Principles. Supporting and using CFSC methods to solve critical issues facing marginalized communities. Applying CFSC methods to real-life situations involving critical global issues such as HIV-AIDS, gender imbalance, inadequate education, childhood immunization, tuberculosis, environmental issues, food security and poverty eradication.

The collective and diverse communication experience of Consortium team members makes us uniquely able to analyze best practice, apply CFSC methods to critical situations, develop and test new approaches, spark innovation and maintain a network of seasoned and committed practitioners.