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Consortium Dialogues


The CFSC Consortium is taking the lead on the communication and governance issues in this initiative, which aims at �nothing less than influencing the course of history,� according to Dr. Peter Piot, UNAIDS� executive director. aids2031 comprises partners who have come together to look at what we have learned about the AIDS response in order to consider future options. This initiative considers a variety of factors, including advances in science, as well as changing socio-economic and geopolitical trends. Working in seven key areas, aids2031 hopes to spark new thinking and evidence on AIDS in order to influence the investment, programming, research and leadership of tomorrow. We seek to shift today�s global AIDS response from primarily short-term, crisis management to a long term, sustained response. This initiative brings together multidisciplinary teams�including economists, epidemiological, biomedical, social and political scientists�to question conventional wisdom, stimulate new research, encourage public debate and uncover new evidence.

We want to know what you think? How should the world prepare to manage the AIDS pandemic in the next 25 years? What type of leadership will be needed? Please complete the survey below and share your ideas.

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