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Consortium Dialogues

November 8-11, 2004: Communication and the Millennium Development Goals

This group has agreed to continue the dialogue online and through future forums. To help facilitate such conversations, the Consortium has agreed to host discussions here, on our website. All conference presentations and papers will be posted here for ease of retrieval and downloading.

The official conference report will also be posted here soon.

There are currently 16 documents posted:

  1. Statement (edited since the meeting) [PDF]

  2. Action Plan (revised since the meeting) [PDF]

  3. Plan of Action (originally presented on the last day of the meeting) [PDF]

  4. Strategies workgroup report [PDF]

  5. Final agenda [PDF]

  6. Participants list (with corrections) [PDF]

  7. Communication and poverty " intro by Gray-Felder [PDF]

  8. Ofarrell " Roundtable presentation [PDF]

  9. Communication and Development concept paper (draft " do not distribute) - Weigel [PDF]

  10. Duer World Bank Institute [PDF]

  11. Grenna World Bank Dev Comm [PDF]

  12. Gumucio CFSC [PDF]

  13. Larson " Case for Evidence [PDF]

  14. Weigel - How is Communication for Development Currently Supporting the MDGs - The Swiss Perspective [PDF]

  15. Erichs - How is communication supporting the MDGs - the Swedish perspective [PDF]

  16. Ford - Female Genital Cutting: A case study of communication for social change [PDF]

If you notice anything missing, please send a copy to Denise Gray-Felder and James Deane so we can get it up.

We will use this Consortium Dialogues Section to keep you updated on ways the group can work together " and hopefully to encourage future dialogues.

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