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Communication For Social Change Anthology: Historical and Contemporary Readings

Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron and Thomas Tufte (Eds.)

Published By
Communication For Social Change Consortium

For communication and development experts worldwide, a groundbreaking work offering you:
  • 100 essays tracing the evolution of CFSC innovation
  • Thought-provoking selections from around the world
  • An authoritative academic resource on the evolution of communication for social change thinking
  • First printing in English, with Spanish and other languages to follow
After the Second World War, the strategic role of communication in development and social change became clear: The liberation movements of many former colonies, the growing number of non-governmental organisations and the rapid spread of mass media all demonstrated that the communication process is essential to advancing social change, combating poverty and giving people the power to improve their own lives.

Five decades later, the call for equality, social change and a more just development process is more pertinent than ever. Most efforts at sustainable development have failed. The reasons: vertical decision-making, lack of understanding of local cultures and little involvement of communities.

Today, there is an urgent need to know: "Which ideas contributed to what we now understand communication for social change to be? Who were the communication experts who helped develop a new communication approach? What are the emerging issues and trends shaping communication for social change?"¯

Edited by leaders in the field, the Communication for Social Change Anthology contains the most important texts in this field. All the texts have advanced the thinking and practice of communication for social change, from the internationally renowned works of Paulo Freire, Luis Beltran and Everett Rogers in the 1960s and 1970s, to the broad range of innovative thinkers and practitioners in Asia, Africa and Latin America today who, until now, have had a limited global audience.

This first-ever major reader and reference in communication for social change is suitable for university level study in communication, sociology, anthropology, international affairs, and development studies. It is also a ready reference and scholarly resource for communication practitioners and managers.

To reserve a copy of this book, which will be available in December 2005, send an expression of interest to: Please include your name, mailing address, email address, telephone and fax numbers. We will notify you when the book is ready for shipping and to confirm your order.

Communication for Social Change® is a registered mark of Communication for Social Change Consortium, Inc. CFSC Consortium, 14 South Orange Avenue, Suite 2F, South Orange, New Jersey 07079, United States. Telephone: 973-763-1115; fax 973-762-8267.

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