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Communication for Social Change Consortium 

The CFSC Consortium is a nonprofit organization working globally to help people living in poor communities lift their voices, stories, ideas, and beliefs in order to influence the change they need in their societies and in their lives.

Founded in early 2003 as a nonprofit organization, the Consortium builds upon work that began in 1997 at the Rockefeller Foundation as a special grant-making exploration.  Since our founding, we have worked through advocacy, research, publications, teaching and training to enhance the practice of communication for development and social change with a special emphasis on participatory approaches such and public and private dialogue leading to community-based decision-making and collective action leading to long-term social change.

We also work directly within and for a number of development and international aid organizations to influence the way communication for development and social change is done.

We have grown into a network of committed practitioners and scholars who believe that communication must be bottom-up (as opposed to top down and externally generated), empowering, and based upon principles of tolerance, equity, justice, and unleashing the voices of the previously unheard.

Among our partner organizations are many of the UN agencies, international NGOs, foundations, international aid organizations and divisions within the World Bank, IADB and universities in the North and South.

We have included on the site many of the CFSC publications, speeches and meeting proceedings generated during the past few years. Soon, the site will become more interactive, with public space for dialogue about critical issues facing communicators.

We want all our visitors to take advantage of the CFSC resources included here, so most documents are available in down-loadable format. The site that you are visiting today will continue to grow, with new entries added weekly. So please remember to come back often.

In the meantime, if you are moved by what you read, you can help us do  our work by sending your ideas, suggestions and monetary contributions to:

Communication for Social Change Consortium
2 W Northfield Road, Suite 204B
Livingston, NJ 07039 United States

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All contributions are tax deductible according to the United States Internal Revenue Service guidelines.  We are also a registered charity in the United Kingdom and Wales, charity registration number:  1125636

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.


Denise Gray-Felder
President and Chief Executive Officer
Communication for Social Change Consortium

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