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Next Steps in Advocating Communication for Social Change at the Community Level: Building the Body of Knowledge

In May 2004, the Communication for Social Change Consortium (the Consortium) convened a meeting of authors and scholars in communication for development to discuss and select pieces for an anthology with the aim of creating an academic reference resource of communication for social change for scholars and practitioners around the world. Approximately 100 texts on communication for development, participatory communication, citizens' media, and community media were pre-selected. With a focus on theoretical essays as opposed to case studies, the strategy was to trace the concept of communication for social change from its origins, looking back 40 to 50 years if necessary. The end goal was to select 50 essays that are key to the understanding of communication for social change. A panel* of 12 met for 3 days with the editors of the anthology and the Consortium to determine the 50 final texts to be published.

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The participants in the CFSC Consoritum Anthology.

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