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CFSC endorses One Nation Working Together movement to help "Put America Back to Work and Pull America Back Together"

CFSC oversaw the national communication team of One Nation Working Together, a social movement in the United States that aims to Put America Back to Work and Pull America Back Together. The movement demands from political, business and civic leaders A Plan for A New Economy based on secure jobs, justice and quality public education.

As senior adviser to the movement, CFSC helped mobilize the march of thousands of supporters from 50 states to Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. last October 2. Denise Gray-Felder, CEO and President of CFSC, joined more than 400 human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, youth and student groups, faith, educational, environmental, peace, gender and identity rights groups, and hundreds of other groups as they rallied for a more robust jobs program funded by the federal government and the passage of big legislative programs, such as overhauling immigration laws and providing more money for education.


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