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Calling all African Journalists


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Can elections in Zimbabwe cultivate renewed optimism?

a commentary on the announced upcoming elections in Zimbabwe on 31 July 2013.

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Iterative Dialogue-Based Learning Session with the LISC of Greater Newark

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Holiday Message

I am because we are. During this special time of year, people around the world focus on spirituality, giving and the wellbeing of mankind. The year-end holidays bring joy to children of all ages, who come in various colors, sizes, shapes, cultures and languages. This month and next, whether you are celebrating Diwali, Chanukah, Christmas or nothing, we are all part of a common humanity that believes in taking care of our neighbors.

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CFSC endorses One Nation Working Together movement to help "Put America Back to Work and Pull America Back Together"

CFSC oversaw the national communication team of One Nation Working Together, a social movement in the United States that aims to Put America Back to Work and Pull America Back Together. The movement demands from political, business and civic leaders A Plan for A New Economy based on secure jobs, justice and quality public education. As senior adviser to the movement, CFSC helped mobilize the march of thousands of supporters from 50 states to Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. last October 2.

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Get copies of FutureConnect report at the Vienna International AIDS conference

The CFSC Consortium's FutureConnect report and the recommendations of the aids2031 communication working group is available at the XVIII International AIDS Society Conference, Vienna, Austria. Please visit the aids2031 booth (Hall B, booth no. E-471) at the exhibition hall from July 18-22.

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Forum on "FutureConnect: Social Networking Today, Tomorrow and Beyond" to be held at the Mekong ICT Camp 2010

On June 10, CFSC consultant Ms. Ann Kao will facilitate an open discussion on the research report "FutureConnect: Social Networking Today, Tomorrow and Beyond" at the Mekong ICT Camp 2010 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The session aims to reach out to more people and organizations working in the field of social change through the collective reflection on social networking services and its impact on work dynamics in different sectors.

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Please join the CFSC Consortium in London on March 10 for Stimulating Discourse

The Board of Directors of the Communication for Social Change Consortium Europe invites you to a public conversation on "Social Networking and the Future of International Development" on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 5:30 p.m. at the Institute for Global Health, Imperial College, London

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AIDS is not over: long-term, progressive leadership needed to change face of the epidemic by 2031

Since 1988, the global community working against HIV and AIDS has noted December 1 as a way of promoting constructive dialogue about AIDS, engaging in joint problem-solving and elevating public attention to the magnitude of the pandemic. The CFSC Consortium leads the communication subcommittee of the aids2031 initiative. It is our fervent hope that by the year 2031 the world will no longer need a World AIDS Day.

The next issue of Mazi, our electronic report, will focus on the long-term future of AIDS and will look at community-based dialogue about AIDS. If your organization is managing innovative initiatives designed to address public values and social norms about AIDS, we would love to hear your story. Please send a summary of your work to: Mazi Editor (info@cfsc.org) no later than 18 December 2009.

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Discriminatory Legislation Harmful to AIDS Prevention Efforts

The CFSC Consortium is strongly against any legislation criminalizing private sexual activity among consenting adults. We fully support and applaud the International AIDS Society for their statement in opposing the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Legislation in Uganda.

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Innovative developments in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Change Communication

The Consortium is leading a multi-actor, multi-staged process of research and learning in the evaluation of Social Change Communication (SCC), with colleagues at Panos, UNAIDS and other civil society stakeholders (members of the SCC Working Group). In May 2009, Ailish Byrne, the Consortium's Senior Associate for Research and Evaluation, led a meeting in Brighton of leading practitioners and thinkers in the field and they crystallised key questions and challenges, examples of innovative practice, sound published materials and recommendations to strengthen M&E more widely.

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Now Available: Communication for Empowerment: A Practical Guidance Note

For download free. This project is done in partnership with UNDP Oslo Governance Centre in Madagascar, Mozambique and Ghana.

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Launch of legal charity in Europe

August 29, 2008 – The Board of Directors of the CFSC Consortium today announced the creation of CFSC Europe, a registered charity in the United Kingdom. Nick Perkins of Institute of Development Studies in Brighton is director, a volunteer governance position. The full board of directors of CFSC will also serve as the board of CFSC-Europe.

CFSC -Europe will work with nonprofit groups, foundations, businesses, governments and NGOs based on the continent in order to increase our programming and funding support for CFSC initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

CFSC is a registered charity with registration number 1125636. Registered in England and Wales.

Our London office address is 49 Queen Victoria Street, Suite 69, London, England.

Communication for Empowerment

The CFSC Consortium, in partnership with the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre’s Elizabeth McCall (now replaced by Sarah Lister), authored the Communication for Empowerment Guidance note. This document is a handy reference for countries struggling with how to best use communication processes in order to engage its citizens in planning for more accountable and transparent governments. The guidance note is being followed by a operation manual produced by CFSC practitioner network member Birgitte Jallov who is also leading the work of piloting these approaches in up to 5 pilot countries. Work has already begun in Mozambique, Madagascar and Laos with two more countries coming onboard early in 2008. Look for more information on Communication for Empowerment in upcoming issues of Mazi.

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Communication for Social Change Annual Report - 2006

The Consortium's 2006 annual report is available now. Read about our successes and progress in the last fiscal year, including ground-breaking work in polio, serving on the Stop TB advisory committee and participatory monitoring and evaluation work in Ethiopia and Zambia.

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