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"Democracy and Anti-Corruption in Africa"


The Ugandan Journal Of Management And Public Policy Studies

"Democracy and Anti-Corruption Policies in Africa"

by John G. Ikubaje

“Democracy is never a fi nished task; it is always a work-in-progress that can progress, stagnate or regress depending on the actions and omissions of the governed and the government…” Gyimah-Boadi (2005)


   This article examines anti-corruption policies in Africa in general, and narrows the discussion to two countries within the same region having similar democratic policies, but different results. It argues that African countries have never lacked commendable ideas on how to deepen democracy, promote transparent governance, and sustainable development; but the challenge has always been the political commitment to transform the excellent good governance ideas and policies into practicable and sustainable development projects. It concludes that the solution to poor governance and ineffective anti-corruption policies in Africa is a collective will of both the political leadership and the citizens.

Key words: Democracy, governance, corruption policies, Africa

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