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Holiday Message

Once again, we at the CFSC Consortium are engaged in our annual Get One, Give Two campaign to raise greatly-needed funds for the Consortium’s operations. Between now and the end of February 2013, for every one gift you receive, we urge you to give at least two dollars to the Communication for Social Change Consortium. As a registered charity in the United Kingdom and a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization in the United States, each gift we receive is tax deductible. This year, we are devoted to sparking public discourse and community-based discussions around the shared values that are essential to moving Africa forward. As part of our work with the African Union, we are working in up to 8 African countries to bring information and collective reflection on the common belief systems that Africans hold most dear, and how such African Shared Values can be used to bring about peace, security and prosperity for the continent.

To contribute online click DONATE -- or please send a cheque or money order to: Get One, Give Two, CFSC Consortium, 14 South Orange Avenue, Suite 2F, South Orange, New Jersey 07079, United States.

2012 has been an extremely challenging year for the Consortium – a time of re-evaluation and reflection within the organization about how we can best operate given the fund-raising difficulties we face. With your help, 2013 will be a year of renewal and refocus.

From our house to yours, we wish you a blessed and purpose-filled 2013. When we all work together for the good of all, the gaps between the “haves” and “have-nots” can only shrink. I am my sister’s keeper. Happy Holidays from the board and staff of the CFSC Consortium.

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